Mac Video Analysis software for swimming, golf, baseball and other sports and scientific applications




ObjectusStudio - Mac Video Analysis Software For Sports and Scientific Applications

ObjectusStudio is all new, built with Apple's Swift programming language to be the best performing and reliable video anlaysis application for the Mac.

 ObjecutsStudio video analysis software products allows you to analyze video, by viewing it in slow motion, and synchronizing multiple videos to analyze differences in the athletes technique. You can also use the drawing tools to mark up the video to illustrate various lines, and angles, set events at any time in the video to jump to individual frames, and create action sequences based on those events, or measure distances or speed in the video if the scale of the video is known.

Download the demo, and see for yourself. The demo is free to download and free to use.  It has a watermark over the video, but other then that is fully functional and will not time out.  


Video Layout


The video canvas layout menu changes the configuration of the video canvas. There are 7 choices displaying a single video, to displaying 4 videos in a 2 over 2 configuration.

The arrangement of the videos in the canvas may be changed by holding the option key down, then click and drag and drop a video into another slot.

The zoom and pan can be adjusted individually for each video, and of course the action can all be synchronized.   




Video Library

ObjectusStudio has a video library to help you organize your videos.  The library appears as a pop-over, or can be dragged off into it's own window.  

The library can be searched to quickly find videos by view or name and other user editable fields.

User folders may be added and named, for organizing a video collection to quickly find items.

Video Selections

ObjectusStudio allows for the selection of a portion of the video. To set a selection, move to the start of the selection of interest, then click in the scrub bar while holding the Shift key down. While holding the shift key down, you may scrub through the video, changing the selection.

Once a selection is set in a video, ObjectusStudio will operate on that selection, as if it's the entire video. For example, hitting the play button with a selection set will jump to the start of the selection, and play only until the end of selection, instead of playing the entire video.

Selections are also used for export (share) and trimming.



Export Options

Videos (or selections) may be exported to a file, or directly to youTube from within ObjectusStudio.  The videos can optionally contian any markup drawings.

Selecting the youTube option allows logging in to a youTube account, and exporting directly to that account. 

Voice Over

The voice over feature is much improved in ObjectusStudio.  There are options for capturing the entire screen, or just the video area.  The recording quality and a count down timer, the ability to show clicks in the voice over is now available, as well as a larger cursor that may be used to point out areas while creating the voice over.




Video Playback Speed

The play back rate controller allows for easily and quickly adjusting the rate of playback of the video. The slider can be adjusted by dragging the knob, or by clicking on any of labels below it to quickly adjust the speed of the video to that setting.