Mac Video Analysis software for golf, baseball, tennis, bowling, track and field, and other sports

Objectus Technology, LLC is pleased to announce our latest video analysis solution,  ObjectusStudio.  While ObjectusVideo will still be available for some time, ObjectusStudio is now our recommended video analysis solution for the Mac platform.



ObjectusVideo - Mac Video Analysis Software For Sports and Scientific Applications

ObjecutsVideo Mac sports video analysis software products allows you to analyze video, by viewing it in slow motion, and synchronizing multiple videos to analyze differences in the athletes technique. You can also use the drawing tools to mark up the video to illustrate various lines, and angles, set events at any time in the video to jump to individual frames, and create action sequences based on those events, or measure distances or speed in the video if the scale of the video is known.

Download the demo, and see for yourself. The demo is free to download and free to use  It has a watermark over the video, but other then that is fully functional and will not time out.  Take your time and see why ObjectusVideo is the most advanced video analysis tool for the Macintosh platform.

"ObjectusVideo is a small, easy to use application that takes video analysis

on the Mac to a whole new level." -- Softpedia





Side By Side Comparisons

Our most requested feature was side by side comparisons in a single window.  So we added it for ObjectusVideo.  You can still work with one video in a window, but you now have the option of adding another.

But if 2 is good, three is better.  So we added side by side by side comparisons.  And we didn't stop there, we went one better.  Up to 4 videos can be displayed in a single window.

The zoom and pan can be adjusted individually for each video, and of course the action can all be synchronized.   







Layers provide for multiple drawing canvases over a given video.  You no longer need to mark up the address position, then erase the drawing, move to impact, and then draw the impact position, and again for the finish position.

Use a layer for the address postion and draw all the markups in the address layer.  Then, add another layer, name it Impact, and draw the impact postion markups in the impact layer.  You can switch back and forth to show or hide the correct drawings for that postion.  Or show all the drawings on top of the video all at the same time.

Layers are particular nice when doing voice over annotation lessons.  The markups for the differnt positons can be drawn before the voice over session is started allowing for easly switching to the correct drawings while concentrating on the video, not on drawing.


New Drawing Tools

In addition to the line, rectangle, oval, text, and Magnifiers in VideoMotion Home, Objectus video provides

  • Arrow
  • Polygon (Tracking)
  • Free Hand (Pencil)
  • Ruler - for measurement

For most tools, the video can be advanced while drawing.  For example, the polygon is used to track moving objects, by advancing the video, and clicking along an objects path.  After it's drawn, the speed of the object may be calculated by using a ruler and setting a scale for the video.


Voice Over

Voice over captures the videos and drawings in the window along with a voice narration describing the action., and any motion.  So zooming and panning can be done while live.

You may also use any of the drawing tools while doing a voice over.

Up to 4 videos in the same window can also be recorded to voice over.

As mentioned above, layers provide an easy way to switch graphics in and out quickly, without needing to draw/erase for each postion.



Video Selections

When viewing and analyzing videos, there are often times when a small portion of the video contains important information. To focus on just a small segment, ObjectusVideo allows for the selection of a portion of the video.

To set a selection, move to the start of the selection of interest, then click in the scrub bar while holding the Shift key down. While holding the shift key down, you may scrub through the video, setting the selection, which is shown in white.

Selections may be played, looped, exported, or rendered to a new video with markups on them,.


Stroke and Fill - Color and Opacity

The stroke color is the outline of an item,  the fill is the inside.

In ObjectusVideo, most drawing tools can have a stroke color, and a fill color.  The stroke and fill may be differnt. They may also have stroke and fill opacity.

Here is an example of the angle tool, drawn in yellow, with a red fill. The opacity of both the stroke and fill have been lowered using the opacity slider in the toolbar.

One nice use fo opacity is being able to draw a line over the shaft of the golf club, but then being able to lower the opacity so the shaft of the club is still visible through the line.

The stroke and fill works great in baseball for showing the strike zone.






Made for Mac

ObjectusVideo products are only available on the Macintosh platform.  They are built from the ground up on Mac only technology.  Uses all the power of the Mac's GPUs, CPUs, and everything in between.