iMovie lightsaber effect without plugins or add ons

Adding lightsaber effects to your iMovies without plugins or add ons

Add light saber effects to iMovie movies using SaberFX.  With SaberFX, you add the lightsaber effect to your clips before importing into iMovie.  So it works with iMovie 08, 09 and 11 as well as older versions such as iMovie HD.  It's not a plugin for iMovie, but a program designed to complement iMovie. 

It works like this:

First, shoot a movie and import it into your Mac.

Next, open the movie with SaberFX, and add your lightsaber effects to each frame.

Then, export the movie, with your lightsaber effects rendered on top of the movie.

Finally, import the result into iMovie, using the import feature of iMovie (select Import->Movies from the file menu) and add your background music, sound effects, and transitions. 

Here is an example done by my kids (with some help from me), to show what can be done with SaberFX: