SaberFX for iPad

SaberFX is used for adding special effects to your movies. It works just like a drawing program, except that you are drawing movie style special effects onto the frames of your movie. This process is often referred to as Rotoscoping. The goal of SaberFX is to make this process as quick and easy as possible.



Using SaberFX

The general process of producing a movie with SaberFX is to film an action sequence, usually involving an actor holding a prop (a toy saber or sword).  This movie is then edited by drawing special effects over the frames of the movie to hide the prop.

The camera in SaberFX defaults to the standard 30 frames per second (FPS) but also offers 20 and 15 FPS.  The reduced framerate makes it faster to add effects to a movie (as there are less frames to draw), but will result in a the movie appearing jumpy during fast action sequences.   


Adding Effects with SaberFX

Once a video is filmed in SaberFX, it can be double-tapped in the project editor to open it for editing.

Make sure the Draw button is shown in the upper right. Next select a drawing tool. In this example, we will select a saber.  Touch down just above the handle of the Saber prop in the movie, and then slide up to the tip of the Saber.


















While drawing, the contents of the video under the touch are displayed at the top left revealing what would otherwise be hidden under your finger. This allows for precise placement of the effect on top of the video in order to hide the prop:

















This process continues for each frame.  Later clashes, lightning, masks, and blaster bolts can be added.


Finishing Touches

When editing is finished, the movie is Rendered (the original movie with effects on top), written the the iPad's film roll.  From there it can be opened in iMovie for the addition of sound effects, titles, and transitions.


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