SaberFX How to Videos

 SaberFX Tutorial Series

SaberFX video tutorial series showing the steps used to complete the example SaberFX video.  

These videos use SaberFX 1.2 and iMovie '11.

Part 1

Part 2

Using SaberFX with iMovie

This video shows how to take your finished movie, from SaberFX, and import it into iMovie to add your sound effects, music, titles, and transitions.

SaberFX Getting Started Video

Using SaberFX is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. To make it easier to get started, we put together a video that walks you through creating a movie with SaberFX. This covers

  • Opening movies
  • Selection (arrow) tool
  • Lightsaber Tool and changing properties
  • Clash Tool
  • Lightsaber blurs
  • Lightning
  • Masks
  • Rendering the movie


SaberFX 1.0 How to Video

The how to video was for version 1.0 of SaberFX. 

Here is an example of a finished composition using SaberFX 1.1: