Introducing ObjectusStudio

Introducing ObjectusStudio 

ObjectusStudio, our higher end video solution for the Mac, is now available.  ObjectusStudio is a complete re-write of ObjectusVideo, written using all the latest Apple APIs, and uses the Swift programming language for better perfromance and stablity.  While is it all new, ObjectusStudio has a familiar user interface for ObjectusVideo users, but with many improvements.  ObjectusStudio is compatible with ObjectusVideo files.  Please contact us at for sales and updgrade options.

Video Scrubber Playback Rate

Video Library

ObjectusStudio has a video library to help you organize your videos.  The library appears as a pop-over, or can be dragged off into it's own window.  The library can also be searched to quickly find videos by view or name and other user editable fields.

ObjectusVideo 1.6.5 released

ObjectusVideo 1.6.5 is now available.  This version fixes an issue with the ruler and speed calculations.

SaberFX 1.5.3 Released

SaberFX 1.5.3 has stabilty improvements and some general bug fixes.

ObjectusVideo 1.6.4 released

ObjectusVideo 1.6.4 is now available.  This version fixes an issue with the Snap Shot feature, and a drag and drop issue with ObjectusVideo saved files.

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