SaberFX 1.3.4 Released

  1.3.4 has a few bug and apperance fixes for OS X Yosemite.

SaberFX 1.3.2 Released


SaberFX 1.3.2 is now available.  1.3.2 improves an issue where verification errors could prevent a document from being saved.

SaberFX 1.3 Released


Objectus Technology LLC is pleased to annouce that SaberFX 1.3 is now available.  We have added the two most requested features (onion skinning and rounded masks) and also fixed a bug that has cropped up recently on Apples newest computers.  In order to provide some of these improvements, we have dropped support for Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.


  • Added Onion Skinning, shows the previous frame graphics to aid in effect placement on the current frame
  • Added oval masks, to make it easier to mask round shapes
  • Program is now Developr-ID signed to avoid nasty messages from GateKeeper
  • Fixed the red static (snow) issue that new MacBook Air and retina MBP users were experiencing
  • Improves sound when rendering.  Some programs had issues with the sound track on rendered videos
  • Opening documents now zoom to maximized size after opening
  • Better handling when opening documents that can't find the original video.  This used to crash sometimes
  • SaberFX is also able to find the original movie file in cases where it's been moved or is on external media that has been ejected
  • Improved the glow.  Sabers and Lightning have a nicer glow
  • Removed the scaling options from the lower left.  Proportional is best, so it's now the only option
  • Removed the ability to play the video without rendering.  It often couldn't keep up with the processing of the effects.
The onion skinning effect shows the graphics from the previous frame (or next frame if moving backwards).  It is drawn below the current frame's graphics and a checkboard effect is drawn over it to distinguish it from the graphics on the current frame.

ObjectusVideo How to Series

How to series on using ObjectusVideo is now available.

It can be viewed here.

SaberFX Tutorials

We've added some more video tutorials on using SaberFX (and iMovie). This series shows the steps we took to create the example movie on our website.

View them here:

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