To obtain support for any of our products, first, make sure you have the latest version.  The latest releases are listed in the top right corner of the web site or check for the App Store for updates if you purchased there.

If that doesn't solve the problem, email us at support (at) objectustech (dot) com.


Program Crashes

For problems with crashing or freezing, please email us the crash report (or submit it to Apple) so we can see the problem.


Activation Errors and Watermark still present after purchase

If after purchasing, you receive the message that an error has occurred, please quit the program and relaunch it.  It will generally be registred and activated on restart.

If not, Select Registration->Enter Serial from the Application menu, and enter the serial again.

Repair Disk Permissions

It is sometimes necessary to use Disk Utility to repair permissions on the hard drive in order to get the activation to save.  To do this, double-click the Disk Utility application (in /Applications/Utilities).  In Disk Utility, select your hard drive in the left hand column, then click repair permissions.