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OS X El Capitan Compatability

SaberFX versions prior to 1.5 have compatibility issues with OS X 10.11.  If you are having problems please upgrade to version 1.5.  If it was purchased from us, download the 1.5 update from the latest releases box at the right side of this page.  If purchased through the Mac App Store, please update through the App Store.


Rotoscoping for the rest of us!

SaberFX is a program for adding starwars lightsaber special effects to your home movies, or iMovies, using a process called Rotoscoping, which basically means drawing effects over each frame of a movie. Use SaberFX to add special effects to your iMovies, by adding the effects before importing into iMovie.

Click here to download SaberFX.


The basic process is:

  • Shoot a movie with your digital camera or iPhone/iPad
  • Import it into your Mac and open it with SaberFX
  • Add your effects to each frame
  • Render the movie, creating a new movie with the effects rendered on top
  • Open the rendered movie in iMovie (with the special effects already on it), to add captions, music, transitions, and sound effects.

Here is an example done by my kids (with some help from me), to show what can be done with SaberFX: